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FBC Implements the B7 Culture!

Author: David R. Fullmer, Founder of FBC Roofing

What Is the B7 Culture?

For years I wondered why most of Western society only celebrated Sunday as a “special” day. I asked myself, what is the purpose of the other six days?! Through decades of experience as an entrepreneur and avid student of success philosophy, I have developed the B7 Culture and it is changing lives!

Each day has a name and theme and if followed they help an individual BECOME who they were destined to be. I am not content hoarding such universal principles for myself, and for this reason, I have begun the journey of sharing what I have created, learned, and lived with all who come under my sphere of influence; and that means starting with my own company. As the founder of FBC Corp. I knew the first place to expand these principles was with my own team! I hope FBC’s implementation of the B7 framework can give context to just how powerful these simple principles are!

“According to new research presented at the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) conference in Manchester, serious heart attacks are more likely to occur on a Monday compared to other days of the week.” - BCS

Why? It’s simple, most people have no real motivation to show up to their job on Monday morning. The truth is that most have conformed to the society around them and have little purpose to live life to its fullest potential.

At FBC, Motivation Monday was created to re-ignite an individual’s purpose. It is a day for ensuring we all remember our “WHY?” to everything we do. For many we remember our Family and that we must start each week of work to progress their fortunes and prosperity!

Instead of showing up to work late, depressed, and unmotivated; we teach individuals to incorporate motivating activities. These include but are not limited to; motivational videos online, resighting affirmations, writing down and verbally reciting short, mid, and long-term goals. Rain or shine, implementing FBC’s Motivation Monday will not only change your attitude, but it will help you BECOME a better, happier, and stronger person!

“For me, Motivation Monday reminds me that despite the stress, tempo, or situation; I have to be a LEADER filled with incredible resolve and purpose. Motivation is not seen, it is felt and for this reason I must make sure my team FEELS my energy on Monday!” - COO, FBC CORP.


Tracking Tuesday might just be the tool leaders need today to keep focus. With the social media era in full force many get lost in distractions; with attention spans less than the time required to blink. Tracking Tuesday reminds us that you must not only be motivated to hit your goals, but you must define the roadmap that guarantees success; that is, you must TRACK your progress.

At FBC Corp. we train our staff to be especially aware of their performance metrics, especially on Tracking Tuesday. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are but one of the many tools used by business leaders today to track success real time and there is not better day of the week than a Tuesday to make it happen!

“Since learning about Dave’s Tracking Tuesday, I have implemented “job scrubs” with my sales team to ensure our customer’s experience is second to none!” - GENERAL MANGER, FBC CORP.


Whisper in the Wind Wednesday is perhaps the most interesting of the seven days. Many have attributed their “gut” feelings to a simple whisper to change a course of action. This day of the week reminds us to never ignore positive premonitions to be a force for good in the world. Whisper in the Wind Wednesday is perhaps the best day to remember the universe does have a touch of luck left for you!

At FBC Corp. we give our staff the ability to reschedule appointments on this day if they have a strong impression to engage in other positive actions. You never know where the wind might take you! We find that most company miracles happen on Wednesday’s for FBC and weekly miracles are happening.

Whisper in the Wind Wednesday is my favorite day, for me I have found that listening to my own intuition and impressions has led me to witness real miracles in my everyday work life.” - ROOFING TECHNICIAN, FBC CORP.


Thankful Thursday is perhaps the most positive day of the week. This is a week where you instill an attitude of gratitude. Imagine the climate of your work, home, and individual atmosphere when it is saturated by gratitude. I thank my wife Rebecca on this day, I express gratitude to my partners, and I Thank God for this abundant life he has given me.

At FBC Corp. we teach our folks that things are never all that bad when we remember what we are thankful for. Once a week is the minimum requirement to live a life full of true joy. Everyone each Thursday morning races to post what they are most grateful for! Gratitude is contagious and it spreads like wildfire.

“I love seeing the company chat ignite every Thankful Thursday with people saying what and who they are thankful for; it changed the whole feel of our work environment!” - SOCIAL MEDIA MANGER, FBC CORP.


Forgiveness Friday reignites us with a spiritual reset for the busy week. On this day we ask, give, and encourage forgiveness. This day changes lives for the better and unlocks human potential. It is no secret that holding a grudge is the surest way to halt true joy and success.

At FBC Corp. we encourage our staff to seek resolve in their business as well as their personal lives. We have seen great companies be destroyed with the plague of gossip and animosity. Forgiveness Friday reminds us that being heard and resolving conflict is truly what we all desire.

“Forgiveness Friday has changed my life, I have forgiven people I never thought I could from just reminding myself of its importance each week!” - CUSTOMER SUCCESS REPRESENTATIVE, FBC CORP.


Satisfaction Saturday is the day for fun! You must enjoy your life and take time to stop, see, and experience the beautiful universe around us. We prioritize our family and friends this day to nurture long term relationships filled with joy.

Satisfaction Saturday is the heart of our personal and family focus. We encourage our team to engage in meaningful hobbies, and pursue activities that bring joy and fulfillment outside of work. By nurturing personal lives, our employees return to work on Monday with renewed energy and enthusiasm!

“I love having an excuse to have fun each week. I can’t survive without Satisfaction Saturday!” - RETAIL SPECIALIST, FBC CORP.


Supplication Sunday is simple yet incredible! It’s a day for reflection and self-care, and it extends to our family members as well. We encourage our team to spend time in meditation, connect with their beliefs, and cherish moments of tranquility with their families. This day allows our employees to recharge and start the new week with a sense of calm and balance.

It’s a busy world out there and the demands for our time are endless! Supplication Sunday gives us permission to “press pause” and find what brings us peace. Everyone at FBC is encouraged to discover what this day means to them!

“This day has often only meant something to religious people, but Supplication Sunday makes it a delightful day for any person; no matter their beliefs!” - SUPERVISOR, FBC CORP.

How Implementing the B7 Culture Has Transformed FBC

“The implementation of the 7-Days at FBC Corp. has been nothing short of transformative! I now feel like we went from doing a job to changing lives, including my own! Each day's unique theme has brought meaning and intention to our work, leading to improved communication, increased motivation, and enhanced productivity. By fostering a positive and purpose-driven culture, we have created a harmonious workplace where every employee feels valued, inspired, and united towards a common goal. The B7 framework has set a new standard for success at FBC, and we believe this practice can serve as a blueprint for other organizations seeking to cultivate a thriving and empowered workforce! I am now less focused on what I am MAKING and more focused on WHAT I AM BECOMING”


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